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Ljub1_river Ljub2_dragon Ljub3_Franciscan Ljub4_duck_frog Ribno_corn_decor
Ljub1_river.jpg Ljub2_dragon.jpg Ljub3_Franciscan.jpg Ljub4_duck_frog.jpg Ribno_corn_decor.jpg
Ribno_cow_crossing Ribno_glider Ribno_hayrack Ribno_view bled_castles
Ribno_cow_crossing.jpg Ribno_glider.jpg Ribno_hayrack.jpg Ribno_view.jpg bled_castles.jpg
bled_island bohinj_church bohinj_fish bohinj_landing bohinj_lonekayak
bled_island.jpg bohinj_church.jpg bohinj_fish.jpg bohinj_landing.jpg bohinj_lonekayak.jpg

Slovenia made me feel like travel in the good ol' days (mid 60s): The currency is different—tolars, 190 to a dollar; you carry around mounds of bills; the euro will be introduced in January    :( .    The language is incomprehensible (although English is widespread). I stayed in places where you share bathrooms (great way to meet people). Also, I backpacked—at first I thought leaving the suitcase with rollers at home was a mistake, since my back complains at inopportune moments, but suitcases are not practical given all the steps you climb and cobblestones, plus I got used to slinging it over my shoulder after a while.