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Since Italy is the next train stop after Menton 10 minutes away, I went to Ventimiglia.
The differences between the Italian and French towns are amazing, though they are so close.



Looking toward Ventimiglia's Old Town

Ventimiglia street  

It was great fun following twisty, winding streets in the Old Town of Ventimiglia.

Not knowing where they go makes them irresistible.

  Ventimiglia street

Parts of the Old Town date from the 8th century, but its history goes back to 2nd century BC.

The newer part is laid out with straight streets and cross streets. How boring is that?


Ventimiglia market  




Ventimiglia's daily indoor food market is rivaled only by its Friday outdoor market on the edge of the Riviera.






Zucchini flowers  







Fifty shades of pasta

The outdoor market goes for miles along the beach.  





And where there are beaches, there are gulls!




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