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An afternoon at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Villa Rothschild  


Frequently described as billionaires' playground, land between Nice and Monaco sells for the highest price on the planet.

In 1907 when Baronness Ephrussi tackled this project, it could be easily obtained from local shepherds and farmers.

She was part heiress, part spoiled child and definitely a rebel. The story goes that she hired seven of France’s leading architects to plan the palace, then fired them all to oversee it herself. It is often called the Riviera’s most sumptuous mansion.

She was the first to install a telephone, elevator and other soon-to-be regarded necessities.

Villa Rothschild

Its botanical park covers 35 acres with 20 greenhouses, is overseen by 15 full-time gardeners and features some 15,000 rare tropical species, reportedly Europe’s largest collection.

  Botannical gardens

Botanical gardens

Villa Rothschild  




Every now and then the fountains gurgle up and classic music kicks in.






It was fascinating to find out that U-2s Bono owns this little island.   Bono's island

Since Italy is so close, after the Citrus Festival I hopped over to Ventimiglia.