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August 2019

Heavy wind kicks up sand.

Just having returned from a trip to the States to August doldrums in Paris, I welcomed the invitation to Deauville from fellow American in Paris, Janice and her dog Shotzi, for the weekend.


On dog walks you get views of neighboring Trouville...

...and typical Deauville architecture.

Horses are a large part of life in Deauville and share the beach.

Then it's on to the hippodrome (race track).

His jockey fell off at the gate, but this two-year-old raced on his own to win, although technically, you need a rider to be in the money.


Left: The winner being shown before the race. He was high strung and nervous, but it must have worked in his favor.

Right: After winning, horse and jockey are elegantly escorted to the winner's circle by this recurring figure.

I returned in October and got more pictures.  

Take a short boat jaunt to neighboring Trouville and partake of its fabulous fish market that offers everything from sea urchins to prawn to sole.

I hadn't seen sea urchins offered for a long time, so indulged in four. Once you get by the prickly, porcupine-like exterior, they are orange blobs that must be eggs on top of a bed of a soup-ish like liquid that must be sea-weed related. Not to everyone's taste.

This is the commuter boat you take between Deauville and Trouville.

Interesting things along the way...


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