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Deauville 2018

When Janet from Delaware, USA (left) and Valerie from London (center) agreed to converge at the Deauville Film Festival, I was all for it (even though I don't often repeat experiences like this). We three well-traveled, opinionated women got along famously, even not knowing each other beforehand. When there was not a consensus about what to do, each went her own way.
Deauville film festival

I saw eight films in three days – enough to fry anyone's brain. These choices did not include any prize winners. Chagrinned, I went to see them when back in Paris when they opened.

Our VRBO rental on rue Castor was wonderfully located near the three cinemas showing festival films.

Valerie made her own rendition.

Honfleur port  



From Deauville, it was on to Honfleur, a 20-minute bus ride up the Normandy coast.

We took a harbor boat trip, visited the Erik Satie museum and tasted regional specialties on a food tour... this 20-year-old Calvados

20-year-old Calvados

  Honfleur tasting

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