Crete, Greece
April '07

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Other sections: Easter & Knossos - Touring by jeep

a_flag b_heraklion c_chania_port d_rhytm_port e_rhym_fort
a_flag.jpg b_heraklion.jpg c_chania_port.jpg d_rhytm_port.jpg e_rhym_fort.jpg
f_rhytm_fort2 g_rhym_smalltreets h_chania_mtns i_chania j_cat
f_rhytm_fort2.jpg g_rhym_smalltreets.jpg h_chania_mtns.jpg i_chania.jpg j_cat.jpg
k_ps_cat2 l_sheep m_ps_roadies n_goatonskewer o_ps_scene1
k_ps_cat2.jpg l_sheep.jpg m_ps_roadies.jpg n_goatonskewer.jpg o_ps_scene1.jpg