Threads of Peru, an NGO (nongovernmental organization), educates about the aesthetic and cultural significance of Andean textile traditions. Originally, the aim was to connect indigenous weavers to markets. Although the goal remains to focus on improving weaving skills, efforts now include life skills – nutrition, hygiene, child care, alcohol use, birth control and domestic violence. Initial distribution of money resulted in spending on alcohol and junk food - hardly sustainable development! Perhaps the money went to the husbands, because of patriarchal traditions...the same that won't allow the women weavers to use any existing town meeting places to weave in the cold, rainy season. Another facility has to be built, a current Threads of Peru project. Whatever the reason for the misguided purchases, it became apparent that more control is necessary on how income is used.

I went on a day trip witnessing a cooking/nutrition demonstration at Rumira Sondormayo. Then a two-day trip further into Andean communities.

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