After a week in Edinburgh, I joined a Rabbie minivan tour. I did NOT want to rent a car in Scotland, since they drive on the left, and I have too many ingrained habits favoring the other side of the road.

Our guide Ross (in kilt) not only drove but told countless stories and historic lore.

Skye map

  Tour group
Skye village


You see lots of little villages nestled along shorelines.

Skye village



Both male and females in this breed of long haired highland cattle have long horns (I thought only bulls had horns, but no).

Black, white, brownish or yellow, their coats are double layered – the outer oiled to shed rain with a downy undercoat for warmth.

Since they don’t use fat for body warmth, it makes for milk high in butterfat but meat low in fat.

No end to what you learn while traveling...


Highlander cow




Sheep everywhere

This one must have missed the last shearing.


And the dung they leave everywhere   Sheep dung

Like I say, Scottish weather has quite a reputation.

Deservedly so.

  Scottish fog


Fairie castle

  This rock formation is called the "faerie castle". It yields as many good stories about leprecauns, elves and sprites as pictures.





Our guide, Ross, not only told great stories, but took great pictures.

  Ross our guide

Typical scenery

Stone wall

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