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Now I don’t have to go to Mongolia. Falconry is next door – rather, an hour out of Paris (on a very slow train).

July 2018

Raptor show

Our photography group went to Provins. In keeping with the town’s medieval old town, reenactments with raptors, horses, camels and costumes give a feel for the times.


  Provins raptor show

You segue from small hawks to huge vultures, with intermediate falcons stealing the show, rivaled only by the majestic eagle.

  Provins raptor show
Provins raptor show  

Naturally, being in the company of avid photographers, you try REALLY HARD to come up with something worthy – not easy for a point-and-shoot type like me amid the much more technically obsessed.

At the end of the show there's more interaction.   Provins raptors
Provins raptors

Then it's break time!


Afterward venture out to see the fortress walls.   Provins

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