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Van Gogh

Starry Nights


Feb. 2019 - Jan. 2020

Atelier des Lumières


I can’t help but think that if the mentally disturbed artist had seen the way his images were manipulated, distorted and projected all around the huge space that is the Atelier des Lumières, he would have done himself in even sooner. On the other hand, he could have said, “Cool, finally somebody gets it.”




The way his paintings are transformed into moving images and projected super-sized is entertaining, but hardly necessary, given its intrinsic fascination.



An earlier (2017) immersive exhibit on Van Gogh at la Villette was a vastly different way to experience the artist’s work. You walked among constantly changing images projected onto 30 giant screens amid music of Satie, Mozart, et al.  

At times you miss the texture of the thick paint you get when looking at actual canvases, but other ways of building on his work make up for this. Example: Showing initial b&w sketches and then seeing them fill with color.

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