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February 2020

Did you know you can spend the night at the Grand Rex? It’s a tradition dating from after the art deco cinema, the largest in Paris, opened in 1932. Successive films and shows continue all night. (Not that I would want to do it.)

This is one of the tidbits I picked up during a back stage visit that took us to the roof terrace seven stories up. well as to the 2700-seat main auditorium. You are surrounded by faux facades and a starry sky ceiling.
When you get to the fourth balcony, upholstery changes.

Every Christmas the shooting waters show returns, i.e, the stage becomes multiple choreographed fountains. It’s in the 2nd arr. next to metro stop Bonne Nouvelle.

The Rex’s colorful history is recounted here. For back stage tours go to here.

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