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The opportunity for refugees to express themselves artistically is priceless. These photos are from a theater project by a UK group called Good Chance on the outskirts of Paris (Porte Chapelle). Called La Bulle (the Bubble), the name comes from a dome built as a space for migrants to do creative things. That project has ended, but I received notice about a new one. Am looking forward to hopefully taking part.

la bulle

In late March when I went, an average of 80 new refugees and migrants were arriving every day aided by Emmaüs Solidarité, one of France’s oldest charities.

immigrants dancing  







This amptutee had a particularly horrendous story.

amputee tells his story

Amazingly, at one of the last performances before it shut down I met a woman from one of my gym classes who has been volunteering there regularly. Now we talk about what’s happening to keep each other updated.

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