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August 2019

Has anybody else been noticing bursts of color like this around Paris?

One near my apartment in the 3rd arrondissement is UP/SIDE/DOWN/TOWN at rues Temple and Michel le Comte. I watched it take shape. The artist is a young Brit living in Copenhagen.

Before and after

I vaguely remember getting an email survey from the mayor’s office about "Embellir Paris" and which projects I would favor ( . I don’t remember voting for this one. Compared to what it was before, maybe it’s a good thing. I’m not sure. The linear approach is pretty fascinating, but do I want to have to sort out the complexity every time I pass by, which is daily?

I had occasion to pass la Bourse (stock exchange), ordinarily a staid, buttoned-down, conventional kind of place. What to my wondering eyes should appear? More color!

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