Dancing painters or painting dancers?
November 2019

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This performance at Carreau du Temple saw a totally white set transformed into, well, what you see here. Body painting was done by frenetic, spasmodic dance – slithering in puddles of paint and dunking various parts of the anatomy such as the female artist’s long hair into paint and hurling it at the background canvas.

It’s a working sketch of…something. Whatever it was, it was highly entertaining. (Just glad I wasn’t on the clean-up committee.)



Sorry I didn’t have my real camera with me, just my iPad which is not suited for large spaces like this. A better rendition here - https://vimeo.com/224670495. The artist attributes a creative connection with the Japanese gutaï movement of the ’60s, described as a radical and energetic approach to art that encompassing performance, painting, installation, and theatrical events. Energetic it was.

Carreau du Temple is next to the city hall of my arrondissement, previously a retail clothing center transformed into space for sports, art, music. It’s a short walk from my apartment. I should go more often.

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