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July 2019

New York’s newest neighborhood is Hudson Yards, a mixed-use private real estate development. It has been panned as the “horror on the Hudson,” but I wanted to see it – glitzy skyscrapers and all.

Also referred to as "the wastebasket," the Vessel is the centerpiece.


Climb about 300 steps to the top, and you get a wonderful view of … Weehawkan, NJ.

Granted, you get a voyeuristic view of a hotel swimming pool.


Hopefully, the Shed, a nonprofit space for visual and performing arts, meets its challenge.

Capturing my reflection in the coppery-looking coating on the entrance sort of made it all worth while.

Capturing it in triplicate was even better.



Hudson Yards is near the Javits Center spanning 30th to 34th Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues. Studios start at $3700. There’s a very expensive mall in case, like, you need food.

It is set atop rail yards, thus its name.

A new section of the High Line (photo at right) runs through it, which I took to catch a subway back to the Village.


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