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My first impression was "They must be chlorinating this water. It's never this clear..."
But it is.
Croatia icon   The water wonderland takes different forms – parks full of streams and falls, islands dotting this smooth blue veneer, hidden grottoes. Starting in the capital in Zagreb in the north, we headed west, then down the coast south to Dubrovnik.

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  Croatia map


Croatian blue waters


Falls in Plitfice Lakes national park

Croatian waters


Entering the blue grotto on the island of Besevo

Croatian grotto






You get to swim in the green grotto on Vis island.

Green grotto in Croatia


Green grotto Croatia   Light entering a hole in the cave roof gives the grotto its green-ness.


So you see the difference between the blue grotto and the green grotto...

Blue grotto Croatia


Swimming in Zadar   You are also tempted to jump in when in the city of Zadar where there is an organ powered by the sea waves.


Lots of people take the plunge in Krka national park. It's amazing to come upon this oasis of streams and waterfalls in what seems like an extremely arid environment.



Zrk park


Krka falls

Plitvice falls


Water, water...everywhere

waterfall Croatia




Croatia falls


Of course, you can't get around much without skilled boat pilots. I particularly favored this one.  

Boat pilot



Couldn't help but notice this spigot in a cemetery on Vis island.

Well, it IS water-related...


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