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I got dizzy entering the new Atelier des Lumières digital projection exhibit.
(May, 2018)

It takes a bit of getting used to, especially when whirling images snake along the floor. Every square centimeter of a cavernous old iron foundry’s walls and floor are covered with moving images of Gustav Klimt’s art.


  Klimt art




I had been to a similar, but longer existing digital art show in les Baux en Provence – only that one was in a gigantic former rock quarry. The same people put together this one, so felt the need to check it out.


Klimt art

Klimt art   A guard said 1000 people at a time can be admitted.

I just found it odd that people clapped at the end of each segment. Who is going to hear the applause, the projectors? No artists are present to take their bows.   Klimt art

Klimt art  

Besides 40 minutes of Klimt, there were short components, one called Poetic A.I. with lots of geometric computer-generated forms and another with Viennese artist Hundertwasser’s work which was particularly suitable to this medium.





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