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This was a cat sitting gig – seven of them – for 10 days. It was a beautiful setting – mountains surrounding a huge house.


I flew to Barcelona and rented a car. It was supposed to be a 20-minute drive from Sant Julia de Loria, the closest town, at a 50-degree grade in 1st gear with hairpin curves and no street lights. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it, and it was getting dark.

Then I found out my phone didn’t work in Andorra. I came across a man walking his dog who luckily spoke English and had a cell phone. He called the hosts who came to fetch me where I parked the rental car with emergency lights blinking.

The hosts congratulated me in the end, saying another housesitter ended up in Switzerland before realizing she was lost.



All seven cats awaited when I came down in the morning. They ate off porcelain plates, which required washing before the next course.

The 6 p.m. feeding was more scattered, as they came and went with less precision.






Marie from Paris joined me.

A lot of the buildings were stones with no cement holding them in place – hand laid.

One afternoon we went to this spa, supposedly the largest in Europe according to its publicity. You go from pool to pool, each with its particular bubbling and waterfall mechanism – from large swimming pool size to Jacuzzi size. Saunas. Hammans. Restaurants on every floor. 45-euro entry. Massages and scrubs extra.


Another outing was to the north – Arcalis, a calculated effort to see higher mountains. All in all, we traversed the entire principality – all 25 miles of it.


Where there are mountains, there are valleys.

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