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To whom it may concern:

Be it known that the 1961 seniors, being of sound mind (usually) and body, do hereby bequeath these treasured possessions to deserving underclassmen, as our days at USHS are drawing to a close:

I, Ron Young, do hereby bequeath my faithful towel, smelly as it is, to Billy Andrews.

I, Georgetta Mitchell, leave my blonde (?) hair to Mr. Wheeler, along with half a bottle of "Lite & Brite" with six applications left to be dispersed to Mrs. Fisher, Charlotte Kibbey and the rest to Mrs. Hall.

I, Mary Ann Laun, will my shortness to Margaret Knight…so then maybe her skirts will strike the right length.

I, Wayne Shores, will my athletic ability to Bill Andrews who can use it.

I, Gary Keys, will my curly hair to Larry Bashor.

I, Donald Saunders, will my pleasant disposition to my brother, Ronnie.

I, Neal Wilcoxon, leave my last Pell Mell to Johnny Simerly.

I, Yvonne Wogan, will my yellow porch lights to anyone whose romance needs a little brightening.

I, Cecil Coats, bequeath my ability to go steady with one person for a long time to Mary Smith.

I, Don Carrel, will my dimples to Mr. Copeland – so now he can't say that I never gave him anything.

I, Linda Schnitker, will my big toe to Sherry Bollinger and my vocal ability (ahem) to Chuck Baker. Also my pair of gloves for the right hand to Judy McQuerry.

I, Junior Gallinger, will my boad jumping ability to Ronald Saunders and my shot put ability to Willis Jackson.

I, Patty O'Neal will my ability to keep the drum cadence tempo fast enough to Katherine Beattie.

I, Pat Gass, will my cheerleading ability to Mary Catherine.

I, Robert Anderson, will my love for the faculty to Dean Courtney so that the precious art of "discussion" will not be lost.

I, Charlie Gordon, will Nancy D to Vernon Humphrey.

Georgetta and Linda each will half of their half wit to Lana Teenor, maker her a half-wit and leaving George and Linda a half-wit between them.

We, the class of '61, will our float-making ability to the class of '62.

Our class wants the entire USHS to inherit our love of sports and to enjoy the competition. You have our sincere wishes for a successful year next year and in years to come.

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