class members' stories

Senior plans
Robert Wight Anderson - “He who by the plow would thrive, himself must either hold or drive."  Plans to attend St. Joseph Junior College.  Birthday - September 9, 1943

Donald Ray Carrel - “He is consumed by an ambition to do something.”  Plans to attend Northwest Missouri State college and later teach or engage in engineering.  Birthday - March 7, 1943

Cecile Marie Coats - “With gentle but prevailing force, intent upon her destined course.”  Plans to attend Central Missouri State College at Warrensburg.  Birthday - April 9, 1943

Warren Lynn Gallinger, Jr. - “To have his friendship is an asset.” Plans to attend St. Joseph Junior College.  Birthday - August 23, 1943

Patricia Helen Gass - “Sincerity and pep combined makes her the ideal kind.”  Plans to go to a business school in the future.  Birthday - June 16, 1943

Charles Edward Gordon - “He’s a jolly good fellow we all agree.”  Plans to attend the Kansas City School of Engineering.  Birthday - February 3, 1943

James Gary Keys - “He’s good natured and always has plenty of friends.”  Plans to attend a barber college.  Birthday - November 27, 1944

Mary Ann Laun - “Quietude is a virtue in itself.”  Plans to attend St. Joseph Junior college.  Birthday - July 2, 1943

Georgetta Mitchell - “Plays her way into the hearts and friendship of her listeners.” Plans to attend a beautician school in Kansas City.  Birthday - September 2, 1942

Patricia Marie O’Neal - “A happy disposition is a gift of nature.”  Plans to get a job and work in Kansas City.  Birthday - August 26, 1942

Donald Earl Saunders - “A friend to all he meets.”  Future undecided.  Birthday - February 20, 1943

Linda Ann Schnitker - “Though engaged in various duties, she is faithful to the fulfillment of them all.”  Plans to attend college either at KU or MU.  Birthday April 22, 1943

Lawrence Wayne Shores - “He can who thinks he can.”  Plans to go to Enid, OK., and work for a telephone or light and power company.  Birthday - April 14,1943

Iran Neal Wilcoxson - “That man lives twice who lives his first life well.”  Plans to work after school and attend night school.  Birthday - December 6, 1942

Yvonne Lynne Wogan - “She is a soul of generosity, of friendliness and good will.”  Plans to attend Northwest Missouri State College.  Birthday - August 24, 1943

James Ronald Young - “The will to do makes possible the doing.”  Plans to enter Northwest Missouri State college and major in physical education.  Birthday - May 8, 1943

Others who attended school in our class:
Frances McCullough - Birthday - October 10, 1943
Marilyn Stabe - Birthday - October 19
Gary Brunk - Birthday - November 2
Max McClarey - Birthday - November 22
William Garner, Jr.
Alice Campbell - Birthday - March 12, 1943

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